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Ginzan snow gray glass pen "DEEP"

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The glass pen "DEEP" expresses the concentrated and deep colors of the "Ginzan snow gray" ink pool and the ink in the bottle.

Glittering gas lamps are reminiscent of the fantastic evening of Ginzan Onsen , and the axis is sprinkled with fine glitter that evokes the image of snow.

The work was done by Mr. Sayori, who learned traditional glass craft techniques in Lauscha, Germany, the birthplace of glass craft, and has been involved in the production of glass pens at the workshop in the same area.

Because it is handmade, each one has individual differences and the texture is slightly different, which is one of the attractions.

■"Ginzan Snow Gray" is based on the nostalgic hot spring town of " Ginzan Onsen ," where Western-style wooden inns built from the Taisho era to the early Showa era are lined up .

An original pale blue-gray ink that evokes the heart-wrenching snowscape at night.

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Character width: fine, medium (narrow compared to the fine and medium characters of domestic fountain pens)
Size: about 125mm
Weight: about 12g
Material: Borosilicate glass