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"SAMURAI CRAFT x Hachimonjiya" original pen case on sale!

An original pen case using elk skin is ready!

Based on the theme of "I want to create something unique and worthy of uniqueness", the production of original pen cases began at the beginning of this year. SAMURAI CRAFT, which sells handmade leather products in Miyagi Prefecture, made the products together.
This time, I was in charge of production for the release Yoshinori Tatsuta of "SAMURAI CRAFT" and the person in charge of Hachimonjiya will introduce the behind-the-scenes story behind the production.

Mr. Yoshinori Tatsuta

Founder of SAMURAI CRAFT. From design to production, they do it themselves. Aiming for "lifelong leather", most of the products are handmade, from original products to custom-made products. We are particular about things that can only be achieved by hand sewing, and things that can only be done with leather.

Features a moist and firm texture

Hachimonjiya: We sell original fountain pens and inks, so next we wanted to make a pen case that could hold our original fountain pens. I learned about "SAMURAI CRAFT" from "Hobby Stationery Box" (Heritage), and I felt a sense of familiarity with the store in the same Tohoku area, so I contacted them.

Tatsuta: When I got the offer, I thought, "Are you serious?" (laughs). Of course, I knew about Hachimonjiya, and I had been to the store, so it was a surprise. I thought that if I was going to do it, I wanted to make something good, but to be honest, I was worried about whether it would suit users' tastes. Our products retain a crafted feel, so they look very different from ready-made products. I was worried about whether they would accept it.

Hachimonjiya: On the contrary, I thought it was good. It's boring if you just pursue things that fit the mold, don't you think? I have a desire to sell something interesting and unique, so I felt that the products Mr. Tatsuta makes have a very unique appeal.

Tatsuta: Thank you. From the moment I heard about it, I thought it would be a no-brainer. This time, I am using elk skin, a large deer skin, and choosing it was also a challenge for me. It's a soft leather, so it's difficult to make a three-dimensional pen case, so I had to change the paper pattern and sewing method. In the end, it became a type that fastens with a string, but I was also worried about this. There are various patterns, such as buttons, zippers, and inner buttons, but I settled on the type that fastens with a string so that the fountain pen will not be scratched. I made several prototypes and repeated trial and error.

Hachimonjiya: We got a sense of Mr. Tatsuta's seriousness when he made prototypes about five times. The elk skin you suggested is really cool as an animal, isn't it? There is a divine atmosphere, and you can feel the living proof from the finished product.

Tatsuta: Elkskin has a large body even among deer, and the leather is thick. It's moist and firm, and it feels like it's sticking to your skin. This touch will last for a long time. The parts that are bent frequently become softer, and I think that the passage of time will be carved into the product as the taste of the leather.

A product that is completed through the use of the owner

Hachimonjiya: There may be people who take too much care of leather products, but I would like people to use this pen case in all kinds of situations without worrying about it.

Tatsuta: That's right. I feel that treating it as a "tool" to put a pen in will give it a leather-like texture. If you want to use it for a long time, touch it every day. Elkskin cannot be cared for with oil, so it will become familiar with the oil on your hands. Touching it is also a care for the leather.

Hachimonjiya: For example, is there a way to care for ink leaks?

Tatsuta: Hmm. It's a bit difficult, so... How about enjoying it as a pattern (laughs). Wetness is also a natural enemy, but I would like you to enjoy it as a taste without forcibly taking care of it.

Hachimonjiya: We would like customers who have purchased our products to post their photos on social media!

Tatsuta: Good! Since it is a product, it is, of course, a finished product, but I think the interesting thing about leather products is that the final product can be completed by the customer. Currently, the light beige color will change, and in addition to that, it may become more flexible, matte, and glossy. The change should be completely different depending on how you use it. I would be very moved if I could see the finished product with various expressions by the hands of the customer.

Completion of a beautiful looking pencil case

Elkskin pen case

The collaboration pen case, which is filled with the thoughts that Mr. Tatsuta puts into handmade, is sold only at the Hachimonjiya main store and online store. All products are handmade by SAMURAI CRAFT, so each one has a different texture .

A pen case that fastens with a string may seem cumbersome at first glance, but it has a chic appearance and functionality that gently protects your precious fountain pen. Please enjoy the soft texture of elk skin and enjoy the “pen case that you can complete yourself”!


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