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Fruits glass pen multi

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The YAMAGATA fruits pack, an assortment set with ink made from Yamagata's specialty products from the Fruit Kingdom, is now available as a glass pen.

Multi-colored with three colorful colors of "cherry", "La France" and "Shonai persimmon".

The nib, which has been carefully designed to improve the writing experience, allows you to write letters and pictures smoothly and smoothly when you apply gentle pressure to the pen and slide it slightly over the paper.

Manufactured using lightweight and heat-resistant tempered glass, borosilicate glass. It is a relatively durable material among many types of glass.

Character width/equivalent to fine characters

Size/ about 135mm

Weight / about 16g

Material/ borosilicate glass

*The price has increased from January 2022.

*Because it is a hand-made product, there are individual differences in shape. In addition, there may be minor scratches. Please purchase after understanding these as the characteristics of the product in advance.

* Please refrain from ordering for purposes other than personal use (for resale purposes).

● Ink used as a motif

" YAMAGATA fruits pack "

-Glass pen of the same series

" Fruits Glass Pen / Cherry "

" Fruits Glass Pen La France "

" Fruits Glass Pen Shonai Persimmon "


A brand of Emi Fujita, who is active as a glass artist overseas. It has a good balance of delicious colors, cute design, ease of holding, and strength. After graduating from Tama Art University graduate school, he established an oxygen burner workshop. While working as an instructor staff at the glass workshop "Guri Kobo", which offers burner work production experience and classes, he continues to work as an artist. Every summer, he goes to Seattle for glass warrior training.

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