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peppermint mask

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A collaboration between Kitami Hakka Tsusho's long-selling product "mint oil" and Sunayama socks, which sells many functional masks.

With the scent and coolness of peppermint oil, this mask keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot season .

A special technology has been used to confine the "mint oil component" in the "cool touch fabric" with xylitol and mint processing.

The length of the ear string can be adjusted with an adjuster so that the ears are less likely to hurt .

Comes with a retro and cute "mint oil logo" piss name. The package also reproduces the design and brand color that have been loved for many years in "mint oil".

It is made of cloth and can be washed and used repeatedly, so it is an eco-friendly mask that is friendly to the environment.

Specifications: Cool fabric + UV CUT + UPF50 (ultraviolet protection factor)

Size: Height approx. 14cm x Width approx. 19cm Adjustable string (maximum length approx. 22cm)

Weight: about 30g

Color: White

Material: Outer/Polyester/Polyurethane