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Aderia Retro Zombie Glass 10

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Retro pop glassware packed with Showa kawaii

Zombie glass, also known as tall glass, is a tall cylindrical glass.

It is familiar as a glass for cocktails in bars and restaurants, but since around 1970, many zombie glasses with cute prints have been sold for home use.

The chimney-like elongated glass has a slightly eye-catching shape.

Just by pouring cream soda, cola float, etc., you can create a special feeling like a shop drink.

Comes in a retro pattern vanity case.


It is a striped floral pattern released in 1973. At that time, it was printed on green frosted stemware, and was popular in Showa households as a glass that gently decorated cupboards and tables. The well-behaved flowers are a lovely design.

<Aderia Retro>

Adelia's glassware, which was once used in Showa households, spread with its friendly design and affordable price, and decorated the dining table of the Showa era. It has been reborn as a product that is easy to use even in modern lifestyles, while maintaining its nostalgic and warm charm of the time.

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Size: maximum diameter 56 x height 150mm

Capacity: 280ml

Country of Origin: Made in Japan