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Medico Penna Fountain Pen Consultation

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I am also a fountain pen enthusiast. Kyoko Hasumi's heartwarming cozy mystery set in a fountain pen store.

Sunaba, whose job hunting is not going well, finds a strange sign at the "Pen Fair" while depressed .

It's called "Your life will change. All kinds of fountain pen consultations."

The signboard shop "Medico Penna" seems to be a shop where various customers come to buy and repair fountain pens , but it seems that customers with "certain circumstances" also come.

Sunaba decides to start a part-time job at " Medico Penna", but--

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Born in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture in 1965. Debuted with "Onna Jockey". Major publications include "International Criminal Investigator Tania Hirukawa", "Girls Karate Seventeen", and "Tasuki wo Kimi ni." "Such.

I introduce it on my blog.

[Friday Stationery] (No.37 / Kyoko Hasumi's Medico Penna)


Format: 46 format
Number of pages: 293 pages