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Picture book of living Paper things

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Letter paper, envelopes, small cards.
A box made of Japanese paper on transparent glassine wrapping paper.
Old paper, printed matter, paper miscellaneous goods. Masking tape and tags are also indispensable for stickers.
I'm also curious about the paper on which the fountain pen ink shines!

We have put together the world of paper that everyone loves in one volume.

In PART01, 12 people who love paper teach the world and how to enjoy it.

In PART02, members who love paper gather and introduce 120 really cute paper items.

PART03 is an easy-to-understand summary of the basics of Japanese paper and paper, the history of paper, and paper processing as basic knowledge.

Yoshinori Takagi of Nout Co., Ltd. supervised the entire book, following "Kurashi no Zukan Stationery".

The illustrator is STOMACHACHE.
Please enjoy the graphical page.


Book title: Illustrated book of living Paper things Collect, use, love 12 ways to enjoy × cute paper things 120 × basic knowledge
Specifications: A5, 224 pages