PlaceholderHachimonjiya Stationery 70th ANNIVERSARY “EGG of Pen”
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Hachimonjiya Stationery 70th ANNIVERSARY “EGG of Pen”

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In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Hachimonjiya stationery department, An egg-shaped pencil case.

The joy of handwriting is that you can come up with unexpected ideas while writing and expand your image. Why don't you put the pen that creates your creation / imagination in the egg and warm it up?

Using domestic tanned leather, all processes from dyeing to sewing are completely done by hand by domestic craftsmen.

The more you use Nume leather, the more it will change to a candy color. The shape of the egg matches the shape of the pen, and the process of changing over time is one of the attractions.

The back side is engraved with the same 70th anniversary mark as "Safflower and Book".

*Due to the nature of tanned leather, there may be some color unevenness, scratches, stains, etc. In addition, the clip of the pen to be stored may leave marks on the leather of the pen insertion slot. Please note.

Size: about 125 x 175mm
Number of openings that can be stored: 2 to 4 pens