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110th Anniversary Fountain Pen Kurogane

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"Technique" "Kurogane"
Kurogane [Stainless steel black coloring material] Limited to 1,100 pieces

Sailor Fountain Pen's 110th anniversary commemorative fountain pen will be released in limited quantity.

"Kurogane" uses a new electrolytic coloring technology to achieve a deep black color while making the most of the metallic feel.

Unlike plating or painting, an ultra-thin black oxide film is grown on the surface of the material, and the color is recognized using light interference. There is no need to worry about peeling off, and it is a color development technology that integrates the "self-black" material with excellent durability and weather resistance.

In addition, we have pursued a profound feeling, functionality, and design while retaining the original texture of metal. We have combined the reliable “skills” backed by tradition with the new “skills” that we actively incorporate.

The pen tip is a limited specification with a bi-color finish engraved with the sailor's symbol "anchor" and the 110th anniversary memorial.

A serial number is engraved on the tail end by laser processing.

The pen sheath uses hemp cloth made by [Majotae], which adds an elegant luster and whiteness. The more you use it, the softer and more familiar it becomes with the pen, and you can enjoy its unique aging and superb texture.

The wooden box for the package was produced using the woodworking techniques of Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, under the supervision of second-generation carver Noriyuki Kosaka . You can feel the texture of natural wood and the warmth and beauty of hand processing by craftsmen.

Nib: 21-karat gold, large size, bi-color finish

Lid/body (rear): stainless steel, electrolytic coloring (black)

Metal parts: Nickel-chrome plating finish, black IP finish

Method: Converter/cartridge dual-use type

Size: φ20×163.5mm

Weight: about 76.2g

Set contents: Exclusive package

cannabis pen sheath

Cartridge ink (black) x 2

ink inhaler converter

cleaning cloth

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