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mizutama favorite stationery 100 cute stationery I choose

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I love cute things! I love stationery! ! A book full of excitement

Introducing 100 types of stationery that Mizutama, a popular illustrator living in Yamagata Prefecture loves and uses regularly, with lots of photos and illustrations.

This is a book full of mizutama's creativity and stationery love, including how to use a lot of stationery, unexpected uses and specialties.

It seems to be useful as a color scheme idea book.

Mizutama's career history and work room are also written, so it is also recommended for those who want to know about mizutama himself.

Our original ink and jellyfish aquarium were also published.


1 I will talk about my stationery favorite points

2 I always cherish small excitement

3 Introducing my favorite notebooks, paper items, writing utensils and how to use them

Size/A5 size, 112 pages