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Bechori's Colorful Hand Lettering Pens can be used for more ways! beautiful handwriting lesson

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You might be able to draw like bechori! ?

Mr. bechori, a hand lettering evangelist who spreads the fun of handwriting and the charm of tools on SNS every day.

Mr. bechori's handwritten video, in which lines are drawn as if flowing one after another, eventually forming beautiful characters, makes you feel like you can watch it forever.

Even those who were overwhelmed by the technique and thought, "I can't draw like this," may be able to draw after reading this book!

From ballpoint pens and markers to fountain pen ink, we introduce tips for drawing neat and beautiful lettering with various stationery.

Also includes how to draw Japanese lettering.

With practice sheet download service.

◆ Contents

Chapter1 monoline lettering

Chapter2 Brush Lettering

Chapter3 Dip pen lettering

Chapter4 Japanese lettering


In 2016, he discovered the world of lettering and calligraphy. Began full-scale activities as a lettering writer. He continues to convey the joy of handwriting by holding workshops all over Japan, creating and supervising titles and examples.

Specifications / B5 size variant / 112 pages