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apple ink pot

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[2022.6 NEW] Hakururi, an original blend of Mr. Murayama, has been added. It is a champagne gold color that is modernly reproduced based on glass from the Middle East and Syria around the 1st century BC, which is also the origin of blown glass.

The only ink pot in the world in the shape of an apple.

100% handmade by Koji Murayama, a glass artist from Yamagata. It is a work that you can feel the warmth of people, which is not found in industrial products.

The stem of the apple, which serves as the lid, is carved to match the shape of each apple.

It is made by melting the sand of Yamagata's sacred mountain "Mt. Gassan" and the distant African "Sahara Desert".

The pale and beautiful colors created by the melting of natural sand add a gentle touch to your desk.

●Please also refer to this article.

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Size (approx.): Diameter 50 x Height 57mm (including lid)
Weight (approx.): 174g
Capacity (approx.): 2ml