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Beautiful Fountain Pen Ink Encyclopedia

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Welcome to the world of "Ink Swamp".

"Fountain Pen Ink Encyclopedia" introduces about 700 colors of ink carefully selected by the author who knows fountain pen ink inside out .

In addition to the basic 7 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, black), there is also a comprehensive list of local inks sold only in each region and rare inks.

Since it includes basic knowledge and how to care for it, it is also ideal as an introductory book.

Fountain pen ink is available in a wide variety of colors, and many people are probably wondering which one to buy.

This book also specifically explains the differences between inks, such as the subtle differences in similar colors and the difference in writing style, whether it is suitable for letters or illustrations.

If you read while thinking about the theme and story behind each ink, and the various motifs such as people and places, it will be a rich reading experience.

Comes with a color sample list of basic colors.

Author/Ken Takeda

stationery writer. More than 3,000 colors of fountain pen ink have been collected so far. In addition to introducing the "World of Fountain Pen Ink" on TV programs, we are actively engaged in activities to convey the appeal of ink, such as producing fountain pens and ink, workshops, and stationery talk shows.

Specifications / A6 version , 256 pages