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Everyone's stationery art that makes every day brighter

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We will introduce the best techniques for advanced stationery users by category, such as "musting tape", "stamp", "sticker", "sticker", "clip", and so on.

It's a day that I want people who want to turn a casual day into a special day, and people who want to be themselves and use cute stationery.

◆ Contents

Chapter 1 How to use tools for everyone
—Introducing how to use “I want to imitate” by stationery

Chapter 2 Everyone's storage techniques open to the public
— Neatly store your precious collection

Chapter 3 Stationery love does not stop!
—Introducing Tokimeki stationery and how to use it
—Tell me, Mr. Wake stationery One idea that makes your notebook shine
—Infinite ways to use. Ask King Jim how to use the mass
—Sneak into the manufacturing site of Hokuboshi Pencil!
—Let's make MY toolbox!
— 10 latest recommended stationery recommended by stationery shops!
—I want to collect cute retro stationery
—Overseas stationery
—In a place like this! ? Meet Tokimeki Stationery

Specifications/ B5・104 pages