PlaceholderCrepas Futomaki 50 Colors Set Anniversary
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Crepas Futomaki 50 Colors Set Anniversary

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"Crepas thick roll 50 color set" using the highest grade pigments is released in a limited package commemorating the 100th anniversary of Sakura Crepas.

We have prepared a wide variety of colors for crepas, which are characterized by vivid colors and smooth application.

The sleeve has a lively and colorful design depicting beautiful animals from around the world. A small round window is open , and you can enjoy the beautiful gradation of the crepas inside.

On the back of the package is a color chart of 50 colors, so you can easily see what colors are included.

It is an anniversary specification that is perfect for a special gift for children.

Size: Length 180 x Width 320 x Height 20mm

Weight: 620g

Material: Paper, PP, PET

Contents: red, dark red, red, black, red, orange, mandarin orange, mountain yellow, yellow, lemon, yellow green, green, peacock green, Viridian, blue green, shark green, olive color, yes Green, nightingale, light blue, emerald green, light blue, light blue, sky blue, blue, gunjo, blue, violet, purple, bright purple, peach color, light purple, yellow, peony, light blue Daidai, Apricot, Elephant, Mouth, Kicha, Odoiro, Akatsuchiiro, Brown, Dark, Sepia, Black, White, Yellow, Yellow, White, Gold, Silver