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Sora Nomuko Glass Pen

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The fantastic Japanese confection "Sora Nomukou", which has gained popularity mainly on SNS, has become a glass pen.

"Soranomukou" is a beautiful glass art-like kingyokukan (traditional agar confectionery) created by Yamagata's long-established Japanese confectionery shop "Noshiume Honpo Satoya".

A clear layer, a layer of blue and purple gradation, and plenty of air bubbles, the cobalt blue brilliance as if cut out of space or the deep sea, has been carefully reproduced as a penholder.

Mr. Ryota Namiki of "GLASS STADIO Shinapusu" worked on it.

Acquired the Grand Prix at the Kaleidoscope Exhibition 2019 "1st National Public Exhibition" . Together with Emi Fujita, who created Hachimonjiya's original "Fruits Glass Pen" , she is a glass artist who also works at Guri Koubou.

Click here to order Kingyokukan “Sora Nomukou” → Noshiume Honpo Satoya online shop

(It seems that you have to wait for about a month before shipping)

Ryota Namiki's Instagram

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Character width: Equivalent to medium and fine characters
Size: about 135mm
Weight: about 11g
Material: Borosilicate glass