Placeholder趣味の文具箱 2022年10月号 Vol.63
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趣味の文具箱 2022年10月号 Vol.63

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Specifications: A4 size, 150 pages

table of contents:
Hoshino Katsura's stationery LIFE "Minimal ballpoint pen that makes you feel sick" Drawing and text = Katsura Hoshino
Hachimonjiya Online Store “Life & Pen”
Samurai Craft "System Notebook Sheridan Style Carving"
Recruiting Hobbies Mates!
Stipula "Adagio Fiorentino"
[New series] Nobuko Tsutsumi's "I'll see how you use stationery!" Naoko Okusa (fashion editor and stylist)
590 & Co. Stationery store that you want to fly to
Special Feature Paper and bundles are lovely A notebook that supported Shinya Takagi's unrequited feelings Written by Kyo Kohinata
I want it right now! Featured new paper products
A place where paper lovers gather "Super Paper Market"
Basics of paper and notebooks
Yamamoto Shigyo "I want to be the most interesting paper shop in Japan..."
I want to use now, a paper brand that looks good with ink Text / example = bechori
365 days notebook for enriching life chosen by the editor Seikatsu editorial room / Haruna Oki
Which A5 notebook to write a lot?
A5 notebook + leather notebook cover strongest theory of Wake stationery
A place where paper lovers gather "Sakuranomiya Letterpress Warehouse"
Attracted by Japanese paper that teaches new things from the past, leading to a modern lifestyle WACCA JAPAN/Ms. Mayumi Morisaki
Admiring Japanese paper stationery
Chuya Nakahara's manuscript paper, reminiscent of the bygone days
A place where paper lovers gather "Rise Tache"
TRAVELER'S ROAD [To the Journey Road] JIMNY To Kobe Stationery Journey
Glass Pen Story "Glass Studio Hitotsubo Taeko Yamada"
glass pen NEWS,
ink paradise
The latest in fine writing instruments
Mont Blanc
Caran d'Ache / Visconti,
S.T. Dupont / Faber-Castell
Kaweco/Hugo Boss
Waldmann/Wingback/Y Studio
sailor fountain pen
Ancora/Tomiya/Pent x Onishi Seisakusho/Akashi Bunshodo
Pilot's New Nib "Signature Nib" Expanded Exploration
Japan Stationery Award 2022
[Notice] All Back Numbers of Hobby Stationery Box Digital Edition Notice
[Notice] INK CATALOG Notice of a book to enjoy fountain pen ink
[Notice] Now recruiting Perfect Pencil fan club members!
Fascinated by excellent cost performance pens Zebra Clickert New Color (Pale Tone) Text and example: Makiko Fukushima
A staple of Pen and message. Thinking of 10 years of living in the same era #3376 Century Decade Text by Fumihiro Yoshimune/Illustration by Makiko Kubo
Major fountain pen and writing instrument dealers in Japan,
The Moment Stationery Shines Written by Tadashi Dobashi
Glass pen basics
Fountain pen basics
Inquiry list for major brands
A stationery bridge between USA and Japan [Final] What to expect from the stationery industry in a few years from now by Bruce Aimon
stationery box communication
reader's stationery box
Notebook Douraku There are mountains and valleys Familiar places are treasure troves of notebook material Text and illustration by Hiromu Yoshimura
Fountain Pen Anatomy Course Platinum "Decade" nib compared to Century SF (fine soft) Text = Mutsumi Mori
Exploring Stationery by Koichi Furuyama A Rare Fountain Pen Craftsman in Matsumoto, Nagano “Yamada the Fountain Pen” Written and illustrated by Koichi Furuyama
Let's enjoy Hand Lettering Crayola's "coloring markers" are new and interesting!
Thinking like a bird of love An attempt to prepare one's mind with stationery Writing in a notebook clears one's doubts and worries Text, example, and illustration = Kyo Kohinata
self-pay impression
[Notice] System notebook STYLE latest publication notice
Next issue notice/News from the editorial department,
gift for readers
Editor-in-chief's column Stationery box door Written by Shimizu Shigeki