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Naginatagi Ebonite Fountain Pen Midori Hibiki

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Based on a painting set in Mishaka Pond in Shinshu, the image is of lush trees and a silent lakeside.

A special specification with a serial number engraved on the colored ebonite material, which is three layers stacked and further studded with one color. The same thing will be a limited gem that has no two in the world.

naginata sharpening

The ultimate original that only a limited number of craftsmen can make Extra-large 21K gold nib . The tip of the pen has a pen point that is larger than usual, and is sharpened to a long, smooth angle like a naginata blade.
You can write kanji with many tome, hane, and harai in the most beautiful way. A nib that allows you to feel smooth writing without applying pressure.

ebonite shaft

Ebonite, which is said to be the best material for the body of a fountain pen, is carefully carved and polished one by one. You can enjoy the comfort of a moist touch and the deep luster.


Pen tip: 21K gold, extra large, sharpened naginata
Method: Converter/cartridge dual-use type
Nib finish: bicolor
Body specifications: Ebonite material
Metal parts: gold-plated finish
Size: φ20×152mm
Weight: 36.2g (including converter)
Accessories: Exclusive package, 50ml bottle ink (black), converter gold (built into the main unit), cleaning cloth, 2 cartridge inks (black)