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Ka.Crie Premium Cloth x Professional Gear Slim Sekka Limited Set

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The 5th collaboration project between Plus and Sailor Fountain Pen. " Sekka is a word that compares snow crystals or falling snow to flowers.

Note (Ka.Crie Premium Cloth) expresses glittering snowflakes with gold foil stamping.

fountain pen ( Progear Slim ) has a deep transparent blue body reminiscent of the winter sky, with fine silver glitter and a snowflake pattern reminiscent of snow. The 14-karat gold nib and cap also feature a one-point snowflake pattern.

limited ink ( Sailor Fountain Pen ) is newly toned with sax blue that imaged snow.

The gift box also uses a color reminiscent of a snowy landscape. A gorgeous and fantastic stationery set that allows you to enjoy the comfort of writing while feeling the world of glittering snowflakes.


Ka.Crie Premium Cloth
Size: Length 215 x Width 105mm (A4 x 1/3)
Number of sheets: 56 sheets
Binding specifications: thread binding
Material (text): Fine paper (light cream color)
Grid color: gray

professional gear slim
Size: φ17×142mm
Weight: about 16.8g
Character width: medium fine
Nib: 14k gold, medium size
Cartridge/converter type (converter built-in)

dye bottle ink
Capacity: 20ml