PlaceholderMovie "Kinema no Kamisama" & New Retro Smartphone Ring
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Movie "Kinema no Kamisama" & New Retro Smartphone Ring

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A special collaboration project between Shochiku Film "Kinema no Kamisama" and New Retro.

A unique design inspired by Showa era stars and movies.

The back is made of a rubber material that is hard to scratch even when it is attached, so if you stick it to your smartphone and pass your finger through it, it will help prevent it from falling off.

You can also use it as a convenient stand for watching videos by rotating the ring.

Kinema no Kamisama & New Retro

A collaboration between Shochiku Eiga's 100th anniversary movie "Kinema no Kamisama" and High Tide's brand "New Retro".

Inspired by the story of "Kinema no Kamisama", which connects the past and the present through a movie, we have prepared items that express movie-related motifs and a retro atmosphere.

Image, from the top "Actress" "Star" "Popcorn"

Package size: width 6.7 x height 10 x depth 1 cm

Body size: ( actress) width 5.2 x height 3.6 x depth 0.9 cm

( Star) width 4.1 x height 5.3 x depth 0.9 cm

( Popcorn) Width 5.1 x Height 4.9 x Depth 0.9cm

Material: PVC, alloy