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Empty pen narrow lead set of 5

by 呉竹
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Stationery Shop Grand Prize 2021 Grand Prize Winner

An empty pen without ink.

You can easily make your own original pen by letting the cotton core absorb your favorite ink .

The main body is transparent and has a simple design with only the logo. You can enjoy the color of the ink from the appearance.

It is also recommended to give the pen you made as a gift or exchange it.

Even if you have too much ink to use up, you can easily try the ink you have.

The narrow core is a fine type that is convenient for notebooks and memos.

Character width/0.4mm

Exterior size/113×180×14mm


Supplied / Round label that can be painted by yourself and attached to the top of the cap

[How to make an empty pen]

1. Dip the cotton core into the ink

2. Put the cotton core into the body

3. Lightly set the tail plug

4. Slowly push the cap side up

* Due to the characteristics of the material, the color of the ink and pen may differ.

*After completing the pen, the tail plug cannot be removed (the ink cannot be replenished. It will be used up).

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